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This category covers elections, meetings, decisions, parish plans planning applications and proposals, site of village hall, etc. Also items about the civil parish boundary. This heading excludes items to do with the ecclesiastical parish (which come under the Church category).
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Radley parish boundaries -marked on 6 inch Ordnance Survey maps 1910 and 1922, showing the boundary before the creation of Kennington as a separate parish in 1936. Also a spare set of unmarked maps. Map M.10.1
Radley parish boundaries - map as for M.10.1 (entry above), on a reduced scale. Map M.10.2
Berkshire Review Order 1934 - two extracts from Map No. 1 referred to in this Order, showing alterations to the boundaries of (inter alia) Abingdon and Radley. Presented by Peter McWhirter. (For a photocopy of the Order, see Documents D.206.) Map M.30
Kennington parish boundaries as created in 1936 out of Radley and South Hinksey - drawn on modern Ordnance Survey map. Presented by George Ross, Chairman of Kennington History Society. Map M.12
Abingdon boundary extension and area taken from Radley as shown on copy of map in 1983/84 edition of Abingdon Who’s Who. Map M.3
Radley parish boundaries as at 1992 - map compiled from Ordnance Survey Pathfinder Map, 1/25000. Map M.4
Radley parish land use, September 1998. Presented by Doug Rawlinson, 2005. Map M.26.4
Radley parish boundary after the building of the Peachcroft Estate shown on copy of Ordnance Survey map. Presented by Doug Rawlinson, 2005. Map M.26.2
Nature Conservation Strategy for Oxfordshire, Parish Conservation Register, Radley Parish. c.1998. Presented by Doug Rawlinson, 2005. Map M.26.3
Map showing land between Lower Radley and Sandford Lane which was the subject of an unsuccessful planning application in 1991 for a golf course Map M.44
Radley Village Plan published by Radley Parish Council, December 1984. Book B.22
Radley 2000 – Radley Parish Council Millennium Souvenir Programme, presented by Eric and Mary Blanks. Book B.51
The Changing Boundaries of Radley and Sunningwell Parishes by Stanley Baker and Peter McWhirter, published by Radley History Club. May 2014. Book B.130
Radley Parish, Local Information Handbook, edited and published by Radley Parochial Church Council, 2007. Book B.141.1
Radley Parish, Local Information Handbook, edited and published by Radley Parochial Church Council, 2009. Book B.141.2
Radley Village Local Information Handbook, edited and published by Radley Parochial Church Council and Radley Good Neighbours, 2016.  Book B.141.3
(a) Extracts from Kelly’s Directory of Berkshire 1915 as to the provisions of the Divided Parishes Act 1882 whereby:
(i) Detached parts of St Nicholas and St Helen parishes (Abingdon) were added to Radley.
(ii) By Local Government Board Order 18177 dated March 25th 1885 detached parts of Radley near Pumney Farm and Goosey Mead were transferred to St Helen (Abingdon).
(iii) By the same Order two detached parts of Sunningwell known as the Isle of Wight and Kennington Village were annexed to Radley and Egrove Farm from South Hinksey.
(iv) Bagley Wood, formerly extra-parochial, by Local Government Board Order No. 40.662 in May 1900 was joined to Radley.
(v) Chandlings, formerly extra-parochial, was by the same Order 40.662 joined to Radley.
(b)(i) Selected events in the History of Civil Registration and Boundary Changes 1801–1996. Includes the relevant statutory provisions for altering (inter alia) parish boundaries.
(ii) Further notes by Stanley Baker as to Boundary Changes at Radley, Kennington and Bagley Wood.
Document D.119
(a) Radley Lakes. Copy documents presented by John and Marian Orchard relating to the Application to Oxfordshire County Council by Mrs Jo Cartmell for the Registration of land at Thrupp Lake and Bullfield Lake, Radley, as a Village Green, 2006-2007, as follows:
(i) Letter from Charles Dockar Drysdale of Radley, dated 24 December 2006 to Oxfordshire County Council, objecting to the Application, with a short history of Thrupp Lake and further comments.
(ii) Statement of Objection on behalf of RWEnpower, J. Curtis and Sons and Mr C. Dockar-Drysdale, dated 14 February 2007.
(iii) Letter of Objection by J. Curtis and Sons Limited of Radley to Oxfordshire County Council dated 14 February 2007.
(iv) Letter from C. Dockar-Drysdale of Radley to Oxfordshire County Council dated 16 February 2007 supporting the Statement of Objection.
(v) Letter from Oxfordshire County Council to Mrs Jo Cartmell (the Applicant for the Registration of the land) dated 22 February 2007, informing her that a non-statutory public inquiry is to be held.
(vi) Opening Statement on behalf of the applicant at the Public Inquiry.
(vii) (a) Map B produced at the Inquiry. (b) Map C produced at the Inquiry.
(b) Newspaper cuttings (mainly from the Abingdon Herald 2006 – 2009) re Radley Lakes. Collected and presented by Stanley Baker.
Document D.126
The County of Berks (Kennington Parish) Confirmation Order, 1936. Order of the Minister of Health under section 141 of the Local Government Act 1933, dated 2 March 1936, constituting Kennington as a new rural parish out of the parishes of Radley and North Hinksey as from 1 April 1936 (made-up draft of Order; no map). Presented by Robert Sephton, 2006, with note as to the National Archives reference. Document D.154
The Parish Action Plan Process. Pamphlet issued by Oxfordshire Rural Community Council, 2008, giving guidance for communities involved in the Parish Action Plan Process. Document D.160
Radley’s Millennium Capsule – Front Cover and Editorial Page of Radley News, June 2001, with print of photograph (by David Buckle) showing the capsule being buried in the New Grave Yard on 4 May 2001, and details of the contents of the capsule. For the photograph by David Buckle, see P.202.10.  Document D.163
Abingdon Herald article 24 May 2001 about burial of Millennium Time Capsule (item belonging to David Buckle and donated by his family following his death) Document D.305.8
Leisure Plan for Radley Diggings. Printed copy of a report in the Oxford Mail on Tuesday 7 November 1972 on a proposal by Berkshire County Council to turn 610 acres of land at Radley, most of it gravel workings, into a water park. Presented by Doug Rawlinson, 2005. Document D.176
Notes on and index to images copied by Peter McWhirter from documents in The National Archives relating to the boundaries of Radley, Sunningwell and South Hinksey parishes, including copies of 14 annotated maps. Document D.197.1
Article re the parish boundaries of Radley, Sunningwell and South Hinksey, including eight maps. By Peter McWhirter, March 2010. Document D.197.3
Photocopy of the Berkshire Review Order 1934, which includes provisions for the alteration of the boundaries of (inter alia) Abingdon and Radley. Presented by Stanley Baker. For extracts from Map No. 1 referred to in the Order, presented by Peter McWhirter, see Maps M.30. Document D.206
Radley Parish Plan, 2011. (A copy of the document can be downloaded from the Parish Plan page of the website of Radley village.) Document D.226
The Vale of White Horse (Parishes) Order 1986 (Statutory Instrument SI 1986 No. 161). Copy of Printed Order obtained from The Local Government Boundary Commission for England, Layden House, 76-86 Tummill Street, London EC1M 5LG. Document D.249
Copy Order of Berkshire County Council dated 20 January 1900 dividing the parish of Radley into two wards for the election of District Councillors, together with map. Document D.257
Tribute to David Buckle for 51 years service on Radley Parish Council, and other public service. Extract from Abingdon Herald, 18 December 2003. Document D.27
Short review of The Changing Boundaries of Radley and Sunningwell Parishes, published by Radley History Club 2014. Extract from The Local Historian Vol. 45 No. 2 April 2015. Document D.278.1
(i) Copy of Radley Village Plan. Deposited by Kayla Tomlinson, 2014. Document D.284.1
(ii) Copy of Radley Parish Plan 2011 and correspondence file. Deposited by Kayla Tomlinson, 2014. Document D.284.2
Radley Neighbourhood Plan 2016
(i) Have your say on the future of Radley, leaflet prepared by Radley Parish Council to accompany the May 2016 consultation questionnaire
(ii) Developing Radley’s Neighbourhood Plan: Our thinking to date and draft policies for consultation - May 2016, Radley Parish Council.
Document D.288
Documents relating to Foxborough Road, Radley, as follows:
(i) Copy of the Royal County of Berkshire (Foxborough Road, Radley) Compulsory Purchase Order, 1966 authorising the County Council to purchase land for improving Station Approach, Radley.
(ii) Copy letter from the Clerk of Berkshire County Council to the owners of land affected, dated 1 December 1966.
(iii) Map showing the land at 81 Foxborough Road to be taken.
(iv) Receipt by Craik & Co., solicitors for legal costs of £12 12s 0d, dated 9 May 1967.
These documents were presented by Anne Brundell, one-time owner of 81 Foxborough Road, Radley.
Document D.294
Photocopy of Guide to the Local Administrative Units of England, Vol. 1, Southern England 1980, by Frederick A. Young. Document D.296
Extract from Abingdon Herald 11 January 2017 entitled 'Villagers’ vision for future of the community', being a report of the Radley Neighbourhood Plan, with a picture of Mike Wilson, Priscilla Dudding, Jane Dymock and Jenny Standen in 2015 when they launched the Local Plan Document D.298
Papers relating to preparation of Radley Village Plan in 1984 (see B.22 above) (items belonging to David Buckle and donated by his family following his death) Document D.305.11
Press cuttings about sale of land by Radley College for Peachcroft housing estate (newspaper uncertain, 21 September 1972) and proposed waterpark at Radley Lakes (Oxford Mail, 7 November 1972) (items belonging to David Buckle and donated by his family following his death) Document D.305.10
Papers in relation to the new Village Hall, 1968-1977 (items belonging to David Buckle and donated by his family following his death) Document D.305.6
Papers in relation to parish councillors, 1970s and 1980s (items belonging to David Buckle and donated by his family following his death) Document D.305.7
Copies of Annual Statements of the Chairmen of Radley Parish Council from 1966 to 2004/5. Presented by David Buckle. Document D.73
(i) Minute Book of the Radley New Village Hall Committee 1969-1972. (ii) Charity Commissioners’ Scheme for the Radley Village Hall Charity, 21st April 1972, and Supplemental Order, 18 May 1979. (These documents were presented by Alan Clark, Secretary to the Committee, and are held on permanent loan). Document D.76
Radley Parish Council Members, September 1999 (colour print). Photo P.150.2
Burying the Millennium Time Capsule, 4 May 2001 (photos belonging to David Buckle and donated by his family following his death). For a report of the event see D.305.8 and for details of the capsule’s contents, see D.163.  Photo P.202.12

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