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Monday 11th September

AGM followed by a talk by Peter Neal – MG Cars in Abingdon

Monday 9th October

Joanna Matthews – Capability Brown in Oxfordshire

Monday 13th November

Tim Healey – Drovers Roads in Oxfordshire and Beyond

Monday 11th December

Christmas Dinner at The Bowyer Arms, Radley

Monday 8th January

Tim Jordan – Cotswold Stone Barns

Monday 12th February

Katherine Bradley – Votes for Women in Oxfordshire

Monday 12th March

Jackie Smith – The Medieval Bridges at Abingdon and Culham

Monday 9th April

Malcolm Graham – Wonderful things: Revelations from the City Engineer's Strong Room

Monday 14th May

Liz Woolley – ‘Oxford’s Base and Brickish Skirt’ – the Development of Oxford’s Suburbs 1850–1914

Monday 11th June Rod Ellis – The Life of Edward Brookes VC of Oakley and Oxford
Monday 9th July

Hubert Zawadzki – Invasion, Deportation and Survival: A Polish Woman’s Epic Wartime Story 1939–1945

August No meeting
Monday 12th September AGM followed by Bryan Brown – John Henry Brookes, the man who inspired a university
Monday 10th October Richard Dudding – The Civil War and Radley Church
Monday 14th November Julie Thorne – A Berkshire village, its history and antiquities
Monday 12th December Christmas Dinner at The Bowyer Arms
Monday 9th January Colin Carritt – Oxfordshire's Volunteers in the Spanish Civil War
Monday 13th February Timothy Walker – The University of Oxford Botanic Garden: the first 393 years
Monday 13th March Members' interests
Monday 10th April Rachel Everett – What's beneath your feet: the archaeology of Radley
Monday 8th May Mark Davies – Daniel Harris: Oxford Castle gaoler extraordinaire
Monday 12th June Liz Woolley – The Victorian and Edwardian development of east Oxford
Monday 10th July Stephen Barker – The Oxfordshire Home Front 1914-1918
August No meeting
Monday 14th September AGM followed by Tony Rogerson – ‘The Oxford Dambusters’
Monday 12th October Simon Wenham - The History of Salters Steamers in Oxford
Monday 9th November Stephen Barker - The City of Oxford during the Civil War 1642-46
Monday 14th December Christmas Party
Monday 11th January Bill King - The Upper Thames Patrol: The waterborne Home Guard of the River Thames
Monday 8th February Liz Woolley - Leisure and Entertainment in Victorian and Edwardian Oxford
Monday 14th March Andrew Sargent - The Thames
Monday 11th April Jenny Lee - Men of Radley who served King and Country and died in World War I
Monday 9th May Ian Browne - Abingdon's Lost Abbey
Monday 13th June Bob Evans - The Bayworth Coal Mine Debacle
Monday 11th July Paul Sandford - A History of Letchworth Garden City
Monday 8th August Club visit to the church and churchyard at Radley
Monday 8th September John Foreman - Horatio Davis: Abingdon's local hero?
Monday 13th October Liz Woolley – ‘Those rampageous, dragonnading fire devils’ – the coming of the railway to Oxford’
Monday 10th November Gavin Hannah – ‘The building of Nuneham Park’
Monday 8th December Christmas Party
Monday 12th January Richard Dudding – ‘Deserted settlements of Radley’
Monday 9th February Members’ interests
Monday 9th March Martin Buckland – ‘The invisible brick’
Monday 13th April Jessica Feinstein – ‘Building your family tree: pleasures and pitfalls’
Monday 11th May Jenny Lee – ‘Gone for a soldier: men of Radley who died serving King and Country 1914–1918’ POSTPONED
Replaced by Liz Woolley - ‘Beer, Sausages and Marmalade' (the history of these food industries in Oxford)
Monday 8th June Richard O Smith - 'Oxford Eccentricity: How madly and badly the City and University have behaved over the last 900 years'
Monday 13th July Tony Gillman – ‘From Catapults to Colliders: The History of the Harwell Science and Innovation Campus'
August No meeting
Monday 9th September Clare Sargent - 'The History of Radley in 100 Objects' (web-based project at Radley College)
Monday 14th October Mark Davies - 'The Abingdon Waterturnpike Murder'
Monday 11th November Liz Woolley - 'Children and war: Children's Experiences of the Second World War in Oxfordshire'
Monday 9th December Christmas party
Monday 13th January Victoria Bentata Azaz - 'Oxford in the History of Medicine', looking at personalities, stories and medical research from the 13th century to the 21st century, with an emphasis on the 17th and 20th centuries
Monday 10th February Jenny Lee - 'A Lawless and Piratical Lot' - the murder of the governor of Antigua in 1710 (stories from her research into her family history in the Caribbean)
Monday 10th March Mary Russell - 'Women Travellers: The Blessings of a Good Thick Skirt'
Monday 14th April Tony Hadland - 'William Gill: Spy and Explorer'
Monday 12th May Richard O Smith - 'Oxford Eccentricity: How madly and badly the City and University have behaved over the last 900 years'
Monday 9th June Shaun Morley - 'Friendly Societies' - their development and decline in Oxfordshire
Monday 14th July Members interests: World War One anecdotes and memorabilia
August No meeting
Monday 10th September AGM followed by talk by Tony Gillman 'From Astrolabes to Einstein - 1,000 years of scientific history in Oxford's Ashmolean building'
Monday 8th October Shaun Morley - '19th Century Emigration from North Berkshire'
Monday 12th November Rosanne Butler - 'Cowley from Victorian Times to the Second World War'
Monday 10th December Christmas meal at the Bowyers (7 for 7.30 pm)
Monday 14th January Liz Woolley - 'The Night Time Haven of the Wandering Tribes: The Common Lodging House in Victorian England' (with particular reference to the St Thomas' area of Oxford).
Monday 11th February Ivan Cadge - Abingdon Branch Line (including models, photographs and memorabilia)
Monday 11th March Tony Hadland - 'Recusants in North Berkshire' (Catholics who refused to attend Anglican services following the 1593 Act and the fines and punishments imposed on them)
Monday 8th April Members' interests
Monday 13th May Michael Cornwell - 'Maiwand: The Last Stand of the 66th Berkshire Regiment in Afghanistan 1880' (Michael is a former curator of the Rifles (Berkshire and Wiltshire) Museum in Salisbury
Monday 10th June Richard Dudding - 'Radley in the 17th Century: Yeomen, Gentry and Land'
Monday 8th July Tour of Lower Radley to see some of the buildings and fields connected to the June talk
August No meeting
Monday 12th September AGM followed by talk by Andy Lamb, curator of the Bate Collection of musical instruments at the University of Oxford
Monday 10th October 'Alice in Waterland' - Mark Davies (the role played by the River Thames in creating Lewis Carroll's famous books)
Monday 14th November 'From Gough to Google' - John Leighfield (maps through the ages illustrated with maps of Berkshire/Oxfordshire)
Monday 5th December Christmas meal at the Bowyer Arms, Radley (note change of date)
Monday 9th January 'Early days of the Salvation Army in Oxfordshire' - Robert Sephton
Monday 13th February 'The coming of the Bastilles - Abingdon's first poor law union' - Paul Carter
Monday 12th March 'The Wantage Engineering Company' - Tony Hadland
Monday 16th April 'Mission Aviation Fellowship' - John Ledger (combined meeting with Radley Women's Fellowship - note change of date)
Monday 14th May 'Industrial architecture in Oxford' - Liz Woolley
Monday 11th June 'Hampton Poyle railway crash' - Linda Haynes
Monday 9th July Visit to Radley College - tour with Clare Sargent, Head of Library & Archives, Radley College
August No meeting
Monday 13th September AGM followed by a talk by Club member, David Buckle, on 'Turbulent Times at Cowley'
Monday 11th October 'Scratching the Surface' - talk by John Richards (chairman, Oxford Blues Metal Detecting Club) on metal detecting and finds made by his club's members around Radley
Monday 8th November 'Tudor Abingdon' - talk by Janey Cumber
Monday 6th December Christmas meal at the Bowyer Arms, Radley (note this is the first Monday in the month)
Monday 10th January 'It will do him more good than going to school' - talk on child labour in 19th century Oxfordshire by Liz Woolley
Monday 14th February 'The soldiers of Oxfordshire - recording stories of county people in war' - talk by Stanley Jenkins, secretary and archivist of the Soldiers of Oxfordshire Trust
Monday 14th March History of Cowley Part 3 - Rosanne Butler
Monday 11th April Members' Projects - a chance for members to talk about an interesting object or person
Monday 9th May Lower Radley, its houses and the people who made them - illustrated talk by Richard Dudding
Monday 13th June The existing buildings of Abingdon Abbey - talk by David Clark
Monday 11th July No meeting
Saturday 16th
& Sunday 17th July
Exhibition in Radley Village Hall on farming and family life in Radley during the last 400 years
Sunday 24th July 2 pm Visit to Romano-British excavation project by Oxford University at Marcham/Frilford
August No meeting
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