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Programme for 2018–2019

All meetings start at 7.30 pm in the hall at Radley Primary School, Church Road, Radley (unless otherwise stated).
Monday 10th September AGM followed by a talk by Stephen Barker – Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry on the Somme in 1916
Stephen is a heritage adviser and military historian who has worked with a number of museums, universities, charities and other heritage organisations. The Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry was formed in 1881 from the 43rd and 52nd Foot. It went on to serve with distinction across the British Empire and during the two World Wars.
Monday 8th October Alastair Lack ‘Travels with Auntie – my Life at the BBC World Service’
Alastair spent more than 27 years working for the BBC World Service, where he travelled widely. In that time he was a presenter, producer, editor and manager for a broad range of programmes.
Monday 12th November Liz Woolley – ‘66 Men of Grandpont’
Liz has spoken to us every year for the past ten years. She is a local historian and this year, to mark the 100th anniversdary of the Armistice on 11 November 1918, her talk is on the men of the Grandpont area of Oxford who served in the First World War. Liz 's talk will be illustrated with clips from the documentary film made in 2015/16 about the 66 men whose names feature on the First World War memorial in St Matthew's Church in Grandpont.
Monday 10th December Christmas Dinner at The Bowyer Arms, Radley members and their guests
Monday 14th January Simon Wenham – ‘A Crystal Vision of Victorian Britain – the Great Exhibition of 1851’
Simon is a tutor at Oxford Continuing Education where he teaches on the Victorian period. He last spoke to us about Salter Bros in Oxford.
Monday 11th February Members' Interests
A chance for members to talk to us for 10 minutes or so about a person, item, event or place that either has a special meaning for them or which they've been researching

Liz Woolley – 'Oxfordshire and the Spanish Civil War 1936-39'
Liz will tell us the story of how the people of Oxfordshire responded to the Spanish Civil War. More than 30 went to Spain to fight or as doctors and nurses, whilst thousands more joined in fundraising and awareness-raising campaigns at home. Still others welcomed and housed hundreds of Basque refugees who had fled to Britain to escape the fighting. These events accompanied profound political changes, in Oxford in particular, and the uniting of ‘town’ and ‘gown’ in a popular front never seen before (and perhaps since) in the city.

Tuesday 26th March 2pm Beat the Bounds of St Michael at the North Gate with St Martin and All Saints led by Bob Earl, a churchwarden at St Michael's and a long-standing member of its congregation
This easy, level 1-1.5 hour walk in central Oxford has traditionally taken place on Ascension Day for over 400 years. Starts at St Michael’s and ends at Lincoln College.
Monday 8th April Will Donaldson ‘Edmund of Abingdon’
Will is chaplain of St Edmund Hall in Oxford and Area Dean of Oxford. St Edmund was born in Abingdon in 1147 and rose to become Archbishop of Canterbury.
Monday 13th May Jane Harrison ‘Around Appleton: Missing Villages, Moated Manors and the Power of Wood’
Jane is a research associate and tutor in archaeology at Oxford Continuing Education. She is the fieldwork director of the Appleton Area Archeological Research project along with Trevor Rowley (Emeritus Fellow of Kellogg College). The project has a CBA.Mick Aston grant.
Monday 10th June Bill King ‘Industrial Archaeology from your Garage, Shed or Attic’
Bill has been to talk to us before on 'The Upper Thames Patrol: the Waterborne Home Guard of the River Thames'.
Monday 15th July
New date
Ciaran Walsh ‘The Otmoor Riots in a Wider Context’
Ciaran is a radical historian and poetry performer. The Otmoor Riots took place in 1829-1830 when agricultural labourers took violent action in an attempt to stop local landowners draining the marshland as part of enclosure.
August No meeting
Monday 9th September

AGM followed by Mark Davies – ‘Stories of Oxford Castle: 17th and 18th Century Crimes, Escapes and Punishments’
Mark is an Oxford local historian, author, speaker and guide. He specialises in the history of non-university Oxford.

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