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Beveridge Report, 1942
A Sunday picnic, c.196
Beveridge Report, 1942
A Sunday picnic, c.1960

In the last century, the State has taken a more prominent role in social welfare, and rising prosperity and improved transport have opened up new possibilities for how people spend their Sundays. Congregations declined and parishes have reacted by mergers and making their churches more adaptable and welcoming.

Archbishop Welby and women priests celebrating 20 years of female ordination, 2014
Archbishop Welby and women priests celebrating 20 years of female ordination, 2014

The Church of England appointed its first women priests in 1994. Over 20% of full-time clergy and over 50% of part-time clergy are now women. In 2015 the first female bishop was consecrated. Pam McKellen became Radley’s first woman priest in 2004.

Events in Radley


Gas lighting installed in the Church, replacing the oil lights.


Screen constructed at west end, separating the nave from the choir vestry under the tower.


Electric lighting installed in the Church, replacing the short-lived gas lighting of 1926.


Major structural problems found in the Vicarage. Debate whether it should be replaced by a smaller building, possibly with merger of the parish with Kennington. The issue was shelved.


Roof collapse in the Vicarage leading to more debate about its future. It was retained, but made more habitable.


New heating system in Church introduced based on hot water radiators, unlike the earlier one (of 1902) based on circulation of hot air.


Balcony, accessed by spiral staircase, built at west end of the nave.


Church Room built.


Restoration and downsizing of the Vicarage. The Victorian building was separated off, now purely for College use, and the connecting corridor demolished.


Radley and Sunningwell parishes amalgamated into in a United Benefice, with the vicar based in Radley.


Pam McKellen was vicar, the first female incumbent in the history of Radley Church.


Restoration of the Church following the discovery of death watch beetle. The old pews were replaced with movable seating, enabling the Church to be used more flexibly – as for this exhibition.


United Benefice extended to include Kennington. The 1754 bells restored and rehung.


Radley History Club publishes St James the Great Radley: The Story of a Village Church.

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