Radley History Club logo A timeline of the Church of St James the Great, Radley

This timeline of the main events in the history of Radley Church was one of the displays at an exhibition in the Church in October 2016 by Radley History Club. The exhibition saw the launch of the Club's new book, St James the Great Radley, the Story of a Village Church.

The timeline is divided into five periods, each with its own theme:
600–1500   Early Origins
1500–1650  Reformation and Civil War
1650–1830  Quieter Times
1830–1910  New Influences
1910–2016 Adapting to a Changing WorldAdapting to a Changing World

For each period, there is:

  • Wider Events – a montage of images, with a short piece of supporting text, illustrating some of the wider religious, social and political changes in the country
  • Events in Radley – a list of the main events in Radley directly affecting the village’s church, with the date shown for each

At the exhibition the timeline was mounted on five display boards. This web version can't look quite like that but if you click on the links you will be able to see the same material, just presented a little differently. If you want to know more about the events in the timeline, you might like to buy the book which the exhibition was launching.

Timeline displayed ay the exhibition on 1 and 2 october in Radley Church
To find out what was happening in Abingdon through the Ages, see the Millennium timeline created by Abingdon Area Archeological & Historical Society.


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